Introduction to the English language: children from two to three years take classes entirely in English because parents are more and more concerned about the benefits and the importance of the foreign languages learning at an early age.
From 4 months to 2 years children will be getting gradually used to the English language.

Musical initiation : music is the first language children understand. It is an essential element in the daily life at the nursery. We work with a specific music program for every age in order make kids grow with music by their side, learn a lot about it and be able to distinguish different sounds and instruments, etc.

Yoga: with yoga we get an improvement in breathing habits, we develop attention, concentration, memory and imagination. At the same time we improve understanding and interaction with others. We learn to relax.

Swimming: Swimming improves children cardiorespiratory capacity, it supports their postural alignment and benefits their muscle coordination. It also helps developing their sensory and psychomotor skills.

Urban garden: one of our weekly activities is to plant and take care of our harvest in order to establish direct contact with nature.

Experimentation: one of the most expected activities of children... We manipulate and feel everything. Many things surrounding us are new to them. We experience with new sensations that will make them learn a lot about the space around them, always with different techniques.

Psychomotricity:children develop movement and coordination of different parts of their body through exercises and games.

Teaching values: children won’t acquire values through rote exercises, values will be learned with everyday actions and they will accompany them throughout life. Just as we teach colors, numbers, shapes, new languages, they are also taught to be good people, to empathize with others, etc.

Bits of intelligence: the bits are cardboards with a minimum of information that are prepared by a psychologist specialized in stimulation. They are set in an attractive way and designed to capture the children attention. This method helps them to learn to write and read earlier.