Teaching methods and educational project


Our project has been studied and researched accurately in order to achieve a single pupose: quality education.

It is a distinctive educational project that consists on a very complete plan of educative activities in a warm, welcoming and safe environment.



  • Pedagogical constructivism: we will give children the necessary tools so they construct their own knowledge.
  • Meaningful learning: we will stimulate those things they can do by themselves and accompany them through those ones they need help with.
  • Optimization of capabilities: all learning results with an improvement in cognitive abilities.



  • Living with the English language as an english-speaking child would do. Therefore, three languages coexist in our school.conviven los tres idiomas.
  • The Doman early stimulation method using BITS. We can guarantee that your child will learn to read many words before starting to actually learn to read at school. In addition, we are sure that this method will help future learning.
  • Develop Gardner's multiple intelligences. We understand intelligence not as a unity but as a sum of different intelligences related to different skills and abilities.

All our activities will be planned from the game, music and experimentation perspective in order to encourage the child to acquire a high level in all their multiple intelligences.

  • Pursue an active methodology in which the child is not simply a receptor of the contents, but actively participates. This reinforces the personal and social growth of the child and at the same time allows us to make progress in acquiring habits and attitudes related to the well-being and personal safety


With all this we achieve 3 very important goals:

  1. Create the desire to learn and be creative.
  2. . Strengthen the emotional and intellectual areas, as well as their confidence.
  3. And the most important one, that children grow up happy in a pleasantly atmosphere.