All our services are based on providing quality, satisfaction and well-being.

Canteen service: we have our own kitchen. Food is the necessary basis for good physical and intellectual development. Our menus are prepared monthly and reviewed by a nutritionist following the necessary steps in order to adjust the menus to the characteristics that each age requires. From the center we will favor the autonomy of the child, letting him or her gradually eat by him/herself learning how to use the tules properly.

Adjustable timetables: From 7:30 to 18:30 steadily. Thinking about your needs, for a better service, we do not close in August.

Psychology service : a graduated psychologist will be at your disposal by appointment for any situation or problem that requires her help during the school year.

Hour system: although most of the children attend school regularly and with the same schedule we have an hour system all those families that need our services only on specific days and hours.

Kindergarten vouchers: We are currently working with Sodexho, Edenred, and “cheque gourmet dejeuner”.